We cover brands for all major shipping issues

Damaged items
Returned to sender
Wrong items
Missing items

Boost Customer Loyalty

Shipping issues can’t always be prevented—but they can be protected.

Cultivate happy, loyal customers with shipping protection and support that shows you care.

260M packages stolen last year.

That's nearly one for every American.

40%+ of people leave negative reviews after a bad shipping experience.

Control the narrative by ensuring your customers always have a positive experience—even when things go wrong.

Resolutions in Minutes

Shipping support & new revenue in 4 easy steps.

You add a shipping protection toggle to your checkout. Our expert agents handle all shipping-related claims with 24/7 support. Your customers are happy, and your brand is protected.

Add order protection to your checkout.

Get set up quick by adding our protection widget (a tiny snippet of code) to your checkout. We're integrated with all major platforms and apps.

Get up and running the next day

Shipping issue? Your customer files a claim.

Your customers painlessly file claims through a simple, guided, quiz-style form.

End-to-end SMS support for all claims

A refund or reshipment is sent in under 1 hour.

Our highly-trained agents will assess and resolve the customer's claim using carrier data and all information collected, in record time.

Automated across all systems in one-click

Get a monthly payout from protected orders.

Collect new revenue from the customers that purchase OP. You’ll also be reimbursed for approved claims.

Unparalleled Support

Relieve your CS team of all shipping-related claims and issues.

24/7 support from us = fewer customer support cases for you.

Our highly-trained agents will handle all of your cases.

Our expert reps typically respond in 2-3 minutes.

16 agents


Avg Response

1 hr

Connect with your support platform.

See claims right in your dashboard.

SMS support.

Make the claims process as easy as possible for customers with an option to text with reps.

Full transparency and visibility into claims

Our agents will work directly with your customers, but you’ll have the ability to review all communications and claims.

Our Platform

Your hub for all shipping-related issues.

Instant insights, customer conversations, automated resolutions—all in one place.

Industries we serve

Fashion & Apparel

Health & Wellness

Sporting Goods

Home & Decor

Food & Beverage